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Lothar Keppler

(Marketing Director Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Luxembourg, Subway)

„In our search for a new creative agency, the cherrypicker team provided us with competent support and reacted flexibly to our specific requirements. This began with agency recommendations, followed by a consultation with regard to our preferred selection process (workshops with the individual agencies), through to organisational support and the holding of the workshops. The participation of cherrypicker in the workshops and the final presentations also provided us with a neutral and objective countercheck which was very helpful in our decision making. Thanks to the support from cherrypicker, we were able to implement the entire process quickly, efficiently and successfully and had a lot of fun doing so.“

Steve Plesker

(Executive Director Market/Products, AOK-Bundesverband GbR)

„cherrypicker impressed throughout the entire project with its market insight, knowledge of the latest trends, expertise in the field of public tenders and inside knowledge of content marketing. cherrypicker always maintained a good overview, especially during the stressful peak stages of the project and helped us to quickly proceed with the project. The team demonstrated the necessary intuition for complex committee work. We are very satisfied with the progression of the project and the result.“

Ralph Salzmann

(Head of Marketing Merchandising, FC Bayern München)

Joachim Litwin

(Head of Marketing / Advertising and Sales, VGH Versicherungen)

Karl-Josef Thielen

(Head of corporate communications, BGHW)

„Thank you for the highly effective support in the tendering of our relaunch. We had a professional and reliable partner at our side at all times and always felt that we were getting the best advice. Working together was a lot of fun. We fully recommend Cherrypicker.”

Lars Gerber

(Vice President Brand and Communication Global, bonprix)

„Working with cherrypicker more than proved its worth. As partners, they are essential for both agency management and agency selection! Last but not least, it’s a lot of fun!“

Christoph Habereder

(Executive Director Business Unit Vaccines, MSD Sharp & Dohme GmbH)

„cherrypicker lived up to its name with an agency selection process tailored to our specific requirements and surprised us with PR specialists from the pharma market who we would not have come across without the help of cherrypicker.“

Arndt Papenfuß

(Head of Marketing, Franz Kaldewei GmbH)

„As an alternative to a pitch, cherrypicker advised that we conduct a very efficient and productive workshop process with two agencies, allowing us to get to know the agencies very well and evaluate their skills. The first results of the workshop are an important basis for our first collaborative work with the agency.“

André N. Franz


„The first joint workshop on demand analysis involved a lot more than picking up the briefing for agency selection. Together we engaged in in-depth strategic considerations and worked on how the brand should communicate in the German market to be successful. Only then did we start talking about what the perfect agency should look like. You’ve been a professional sparring partner and competent consultant for us with unique insights into the agency industry.“

Manuel Rodriguez-Eicke

(Formerly head of marketing and innovation, IDB)

„Way more than pitch consultants!” After we explained our preferences and framework conditions in the first meeting, your team suggested an alternative process to me. And rightly so, as became clear during the process itself. My initial impressions and your reputation were not mistaken. Quite the contrary!“

Stefan Reker

(Managing Director of Communication, Verband der Privaten Krankenversicherung)

„In our search for a new PR agency, cherrypicker’s advice was very helpful with an innovative selection process and effective contract drafting. We found the right partner and all participating agencies found the process to be fair, efficient and friendly. Making ‘cherry picking‘ a professional pleasure.“

Godo Röben

(Management Marketing & PR Forschung & Entwicklung, Rügenwalder Mühle)

„The cherries that we picked together still taste sweet and juicy – and work well, as you can see from the recent Effie award.“

Reinhart Martin

(Head of Corporate Communication / Corporate Spokesman, tesa SE)

„For me as a strategy and business development manager, Cherrypicker is one of the most important partners out there (…) It is particularly pleasing that the pre-screening in the selection process is clearly very professional and well-developed (…)“

Nicola Ader & Daniela Tomac

(Global Director Marketing & Public Relations, Porsche Design), (Head of Brand Marketing, Porsche Design)

„We found cherrypicker’s experience and expert market overview to be indispensable in the selection of our new creative lead agency. As a key strategic and conceptual partner, the agency needs to meet numerous strict requirements to ensure the appeal and differentiation of the Porsche Design brand on the global market and across a wide range of distribution channels in a very fast-moving business. Taking into account our specific and fast working methods, cherrypicker worked with us to pinpoint the search profile of the agency, helped us select the right agency teams and very effectively implement the selection. This saved us a huge amount of time and we are now very happy with our new agency team!“

Karen Heiland

(HR Communications Manager, Premier Inn Deutschland)

„“I accidentally stumbled across cherrypicker during the search for the right agency. We were incredibly lucky! I don’t know the agency landscape well myself and we urgently needed support in our mission to promote Premier Inn as an employer in Germany. The very distinguished clients on the website were both appealing and daunting. There was then a very spontaneous hour-long phone call with Oliver Klein. I was over the moon, although it was clear to me that we didn’t have the funds for our preferred process. It didn’t end there though. The cherrypicker team found our project exciting and suggested a shorter process that would lead us to the right agency. cherrypicker is at home in the agency market! cherrypicker contacted 144 agencies who appeared to be suitable for the task. 37 of these agencies submitted their documents. The 19 agencies in the pre-selection were cut down to seven who were invited to chemistry meetings. We got to know six of them personally. The process design was efficient, transparent and very productive at all times. Their friendly team was professional and sincere in their work with us. Thank you to the cherrypicker team“

Stephanie Barthold

(Formerly Marketing & PR Manager, ROY ROBSON FASHION GmbH & Co. KG)

„cherrypicker conducted our search for a new creative agency with fashion know-how with unbelievable commitment, great patience and an efficient and transparent process design. The joint demand analysis workshop at the start of this project provided us with an excellently structured approach. The recommendation to do without a pitch and instead carry out a workshop process was spot on. True to its name, cherrypicker suggested some hand-picked agencies to us, which we certainly wouldn’t have had on our shortlist without them. We learnt a lot about the now incredibly diverse and complex agency landscape during the entire process and also plenty about ourselves and our specific requirements of an agency. And by the way: “It was also a lot of fun working with this friendly and highly committed team!“

We establish partnerships

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Horst Wagner

(CEO, Publicis Pixelpark Deutschland)

„Ich hasse Pitches […] aber wenn ich einen machen muss, dann am liebsten mit euch […]“

Tobias Ulmer

(CEO & Founder, Werbewelt AG)

„Wer denkt, so eine Pitchagentur schiebt nur die großen Agenturen zueinander […], hat sich getäuscht. Es geht wirklich um das Rauspicken von Rosinen […].“

Dickjan Poppema

(CEO Grey Germany)

„[…] always on the side of a good process between customer and agency.“

Stephan F. Rebbe

(Former board member, Kolle Rebbe)

„[…] because the processes and structures ensure transparency and [...] efficiency for both sides[…]“

Roland Bös

(Managing Director, Scholz & Friends Hamburg)

„We know and appreciate working with cherrypicker[…]“

Christoph Nann

(Owner and managing director of creation, FCB ´Hamburg)

Axel Käser

(Managing Director, Leagas Delaney Hamburg)

Hermann Waterkamp

(Managing Partner, Leagas Delaney Hamburg)

Angus Gibson

(Director, TracyLocke, London)

„Great working with cherrypicker in a brilliantly well run process leading to our appointment with Gardena as their global shopper marketing agency in 2018. From the initial RFI through to two co-ordinated chemistry and workshop sessions at client and agency locations, Valentin and the team ran an organised and efficient process ensuring we were perfectly matched. As testament to this our relationship with Gardena goes from strength to strength and now also incorporates their global strategy and brand communications."

Armin Jochum

(Founder and board member, thjnk AG)

„There are pitch consultants And there’s cherrypicker. Oliver Klein and his team not only know the agency landscape extremely well - they particularly stand out thanks to their in-depth knowledge of operational processes. (...) “

Marc Schüling

(Managing Director Strategy / Business Development, Schipper Company GmbH)

„For me as a strategy and business development manager, Cherrypicker is one of the most important partners out there (…) It is particularly pleasing that the pre-screening in the selection process is clearly very professional and well-developed (…)“

Michael Schipper

(Founder & CEO, Schipper Company GmbH)

„“I find the entire selection process impressive with Cherrypicker. You can just tell that Cherrypicker is one of the pioneers in agency screening and has introduced ever more professional and sophisticated mechanisms in its many years of existence (…)“

Stephen Corlett

(Managing Director, 180 Kingsday, Amsterdam)

„We were really impressed with the way Oliver and his team at cherrypicker helped to manage the selection process for the bonprix project. They gave clear direction to both us and the clients - ensuring expectations and ambition were shared at every point. This was fundamental in being the basis of a very positive and successful ongoing relationship with the client team.“
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