About two years ago, the shareholders of hagebau decided to consider the relevance of the umbrella brand and suggested that the cooperation partners in the specialised trade should also appear recognisably under the umbrella brand. The task now was to find a suitable partner.

After developing an umbrella brand strategy with brand positioning and value proposition, hagebau decided to initiate an individual selection process together with us – in search of a new lead agency that could support hagebau in the areas of brand architecture, corporate design and, of course, in the nationwide creative campaigns.

The multi-stage selection process, which was carried out completely remotely, started with a strategy workshop in which a comprehensive needs analysis was conducted in order to identify all the requirements for the future partner and to be able to screen the agency landscape with a targeted requirements profile.

After initial digital chemistry meetings, hagebau decided to go into the pitch with three agencies.

After the briefing, intensive Q&A sessions took place, followed by shoulder peeks in which hagebau could take a “first look into the kitchen” and get an overview of the strategic routes and creative approaches. Following a lively and open exchange, as well as a lot of heart and soul on the part of the agencies in the further development, the final pitch presentations took place.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate KNSK Group on winning the account – here’s to a successful hagebau umbrella brand and great cooperation!

Nina Kirschke & Frank Roth

Nina Kirschke - Head of Operational MarketingFrank Roth - Division Manager Strategic Marketing and Corporate Communications

We had already had very good experiences with cherrypicker in a previous selection process. That's why they were also the first choice in our selection process of a creative agency - and cherrypicker once again proved its competence," says Nina Kirschke, Head of Operational Marketing at hagebau. "cherrypicker didn't make it easy for us: despite our demanding catalogue of requirements - from the design of a brand architecture to corporate design - we had the choice of outstanding agencies. For us, a clear sign that cherrypicker understood us and our needs," adds Frank Roth, Division Manager Strategic Marketing and Corporate Communications.

Kim Alexandra Notz & Florentin Hock

Kim Alexandra Notz - Managing Partner KNSK GroupFlorentin Hock - Managing Director Creation KNSK Group

"The cooperation with the colleagues from cherrypicker was once again very professional and friendly. Clear communication, comprehensive, very good briefing, transparent evaluation criteria and great availability for queries. In addition, an unfailing sense for the cultural fit between client and agency. What more could you want!"