Successful recruitment is one of the biggest challenges for companies today! This is particularly true to a hotel chain that is still widely unknown in Germany. We screened the entire German market for Premier Inn, looking for the best agencies and most creative cases for contemporary employer marketing.
We brought together HR, marketing and selected agency teams – with the winning combination of DDB, SK Sasserath and Kienbaum impressing most.

Karen Heiland

(HR Communications Manager, Premier Inn Deutschland)

„“I accidentally stumbled across cherrypicker during the search for the right agency. We were incredibly lucky! I don’t know the agency landscape well myself and we urgently needed support in our mission to promote Premier Inn as an employer in Germany. The very distinguished clients on the website were both appealing and daunting. There was then a very spontaneous hour-long phone call with Oliver Klein. I was over the moon, although it was clear to me that we didn’t have the funds for our preferred process. It didn’t end there though. The cherrypicker team found our project exciting and suggested a shorter process that would lead us to the right agency. cherrypicker is at home in the agency market! cherrypicker contacted 144 agencies who appeared to be suitable for the task. 37 of these agencies submitted their documents. The 19 agencies in the pre-selection were cut down to seven who were invited to chemistry meetings. We got to know six of them personally. The process design was efficient, transparent and very productive at all times. Their friendly team was professional and sincere in their work with us. Thank you to the cherrypicker team“

Premier Inn über die Expansion in Deutschland

Führend in Großbritannien Jetzt auch in Deutschland

UK’s Hotelmarke No.1 erobert jetzt auch Deutschland. Wir freuen uns sehr, mit unserer starken Marke unsere Erfolgsgeschichte hier fortzusetzen. Deutschland ist ein Hotelmarkt mit exzellenten Standorten und Wachstumschancen. Für uns gute Gründe, um mit unserer bekannten Marke zu expandieren.

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