Where is the traditional brand eismann going and how will it communicate in future in the disruptive food brands market?

Together with the international management team at eismann, we examined this issue and subsequently selected a creative lead agency. It was not just about communication, but also the continued development of the overall brand. The results not only look good, but taste good too! With the new lead agency Leagas Delaney Hamburg, eismann has taken a big step forward. Congratulations on what is now a long and successful partnership!

Highlights of the long-standing partnership between Eismann and Leagas Delaney to date.

Axel Käser

(Managing Director, Leagas Delaney Hamburg)

Hermann Waterkamp

(Managing Partner, Leagas Delaney Hamburg)

Axel Käser

Managing Director, Leagas Delaney Hamburg

„During a very open and fair selection process, cherrypicker ensured that a clearly defined pitch task was set and that the right questions were asked in the subsequent discussions. This allowed us to quickly identify the potential of a possible partnership.“