We are particularly proud of our work if it allows us to make a contribution to advancing the vision of Aktion Mensch: an inclusive society where everyone lives together equally and without question.

Together with the marketing team, we worked out in great detail which changes were important for Aktion Mensch and developed and implemented an individual selection process which involved top management. During the process, we regularly held meetings which allowed client and agency teams to work together.

At the same time, we helped to determine the framework conditions and to ensure fair negotiations and collaboration for both sides.

The agencies were agreed that the competition was held on a level playing field and involved some of the best agencies in Germany. And everyone involved congratulates Kolle Rebbe on the successful defence of its long-term partnership with Aktion Mensch.

Björn Schneider

Head of Marketing and Communication, Aktion Mensch

„Our long-term existing agency Kolle Rebbe was able to rise above the competition and defend their account. The selection process and the support from cherrypicker has absolutely paid off! As a result, we have further developed our cooperation and we are now working successfully at a much higher level.“

Lennart Wittgen

(Managing Director Account Management, Kolle Rebbe)


Wieso die Inklusions-Kampagne der Aktion Mensch auf Hasskommentaren basiert

15.08.2019 | Rund ein Jahr ist es her, dass Aktion Mensch zusammen mit Stammagentur Kolle Rebbe mit einer fiktiven Mars-Mission die Vision einer inklusiven Gesellschaft zeichnete. Jetzt setzt das Duo die “Mission-Zukunft”-Kampagne fort – und konfrontiert die Menschen nur mit der harten Realität.

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