Together with the merchandising team at FC Bayern Munich, we were looking for the perfect creative lead agency and, of course, the perfect team – because what can be more emotional than football?! We therefore devised a multi-stage selection process, which brought our client team together with suitable potential agency teams. For topics like this, it’s obviously important that the agency team has a high level of enthusiasm for this brand too, like the client themselves. Instead of a typical pitch, both teams gathered for one-day engagement workshops at the respective agency and worked together. At the same time, we helped to determine the framework conditions and to ensure fair negotiations for both sides. And so in choosing 19:13 from Munich, the merchandising team at FC Bayern not only opted for the right agency, but above all for the right people. Here’s to a successful partnership! Always ahead of the game!

Ralph Salzmann

(Head of Marketing Merchandising, FC Bayern München)


First fruits of the collaboration with 19:13: Campaign for the shirt launch 2019