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There has been a huge increase in the requirements for communication and thus also the services of agencies. Your future success will be solely guaranteed by the processes and services that are not simply “off the shelf”.

Which services does the company want to have in-house in the future? Does it make sense for us to establish our own in-house agency? And if so, what does it look like and how do we attract the right people for this?

Would a customized agency be the right solution for us? What could and should an agency like this look like if we have it custom built? How much customisation do we need and how much do we want as standard? How long does it take and what would it cost? How do we even implement something like this and who takes care of it?

In recent years, we have worked for and with our clients to find the right answers to many questions like these. We have set up relevant agencies, helped with implementation, continuously developed them and/or reviewed existing customized agencies with regard to potential for optimisation.

We offer the following services in close cooperation with the company and the agencies:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Analysis of the current agency situation, existing processes and future requirements of the agency/agencies
  • Development of a vision for your own in-house agency or a customized agency
  • Conducting a special selection process for an in-house agency or a customized agency
  • Overseeing the commercial process including remuneration model and contract (with the marketing or purchasing team if required)
  • Management and organisation of the implementation process incl. drawing up an agency contract, onboarding
  • Continuous evaluation of performance, agency evaluation and improving cooperation with the in-house agency or customised agency

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Customised, the perfect solution for you

Which agency is right for you, an in-house agency or a customised agency, is as individual as any of the following solutions.

For example, it can be a great opportunity for a company to establish a new agency with two experienced agency managers, whose employees meet all of the clients requirements. But it can also be an advantage to establish an agency model that brings together two agencies, which have core competencies that perfectly complement each other. The willingness of the agencies to cooperate with each other is essential for success here. Or you start a close cooperation with an agency and have them establish your own agency.

Whichever solution is best for you: it needs to be worth it and make sense for all parties. We are happy to work this out with you.


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