Finding the right strategy for using agencies is the basis for your future success.

Agencies are important and indispensable partners for you. Whether creative inspiration, strategic support or operational implementation: Agencies are usually jointly responsible for the overall brand image and make a significant contribution to the success of your company.

But communication and therefore the agency market are currently experiencing the biggest change that there has ever been. Models, working methods and partners that were still working yesterday, may already be inefficient and incorrect tomorrow.

No matter whether you want to become more successful with your agencies or you haven’t yet found the right partner: We help you with any strategic questions about agencies.

What are your communication challenges and what do you expect from your agencies in the future? What role do you and your team play in relation to agencies? What do you do in-house and what do you want to pass on to agencies in future? What possibilities and opportunities are there in your work with agencies? How can you improve cooperation with your agencies? We are happy to work out the answers to these questions, and many more, with you at any time.

Together, we establish a solid foundation for long-term, successful agency partnerships and equip you with the necessary knowledge for agency management.

Plan the right moves for tomorrow’s success now!

Is day-to-day business wearing you down, your bosses want reports and it’s one appointment after another? You are not alone, everyone in marketing and communication knows this now. You’ll barely be able to change anything like this or even set the right tone, as you don’t have time for strategic considerations.

That’s why we have developed small, quick formats that allow us to analyse the situation together with you and develop solutions that make sense from a strategic point of view. And without taking up too much of your time of course. 2-3 half-day meetings are often enough to obtain an effective and reliable strategy for better cooperation with your agencies.

And if you like, we’ll take complete care of the subsequent implementation and evaluation. As a result, you don’t have less day-to-day business, but you do have the key to more success.

Sparring partner for strategic agency management

We offer you the following services in the area of strategic consulting:

  • Review and analysis of the current agency situation, agency models and the communication challenges
  • Development of concepts for strategic use and successful agency management, for meaningful structuring of agencies and development of a future-oriented agency portfolio and agency model
  • Development of a vision and concrete action plans to achieve short and medium-term objectives, e.g. to improve cooperation with agencies
  • Agency evaluation and assessment of progress through to achievement of objectives

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