The remuneration has to work, otherwise nothing works.

The subject of agency remuneration goes well beyond the question of “How much does communication cost?” or “How much does an agency cost?”. Together, we consider which agency remuneration model makes most sense for you, from performance-based remuneration to communication packages charged at a flat rate – whether at the start or after many years of trusting cooperation with an agency. We develop agency remuneration models that meet your individual requirements and support you in the purchasing of agency services, whether from a creative agency, a PR agency or a social media specialist.

A successful client-agency relationship requires a remuneration model and conditions that make sense for both sides. We help you find the right balance.

We have been dealing with agency remuneration for over 19 years and have a very good overview of what’s common, possible and makes sense in the industry. We always support the client side, but never forget that a good deal also has to suit the agency partner if you want successful communication solutions.

We have developed remuneration models for several hundred relationships, compared conditions and helped with the negotiations. We have our own widely used cherrypicker Agency Rate Card and with our cherrypicker fee database, we have a unique market overview of agency conditions. We are more than happy to use this when determining the right remuneration model and appropriate terms for you.

Benchmarking based on years of market knowledge

cherrypicker has built up the largest database of agency prices and agency fees and can consider agency offers on this basis. We have approx. 20,000 price lists from over a decade in agency management, we know the usual market prices and the benchmarks of individual sectors and disciplines.
We can review and benchmark agency offers and cost estimates without disclosing confidential information. We put you in a strong negotiating position and let you get a feel for fair cooperation and appropriate agency fees. The goal is always to improve cooperation with agencies.

Performance-based remuneration pays off

Why not let an agency share the rewards of their success? Success-related remuneration can be a valuable tool, especially if you want to remunerate your agency based on performance. We help you set up a simple and practical system and can also regularly evaluate it if required.
Why is this important? So that the agency has the same objectives as you and you can motivate the agency to provide an even better service.

We offer you the following services so that all aspects of agency remuneration are clear:
  • Development of agency remuneration models as part of an agency selection process
  • Review and development of new agency remuneration models within existing partnerships
  • Cost audits of existing agency relationships
  • Assistance with purchasing agency services, development of calls for tender as part of the agency search or a pitch
  • Development of request for proposal
  • Development of performance-based remuneration models
  • Definition of KPIs for evaluating agency services
  • Incorporation of the agency remuneration model in the agency contract
  • Review of film, radio and photo production costs (before commissioning)
  • Support from the specialist department and purchasing during negotiations
  • Taking over the entire negotiation process (e.g. if you do not have a purchasing department)

Important: We don’t believe in good agency services and effective concepts at bargain prices. But we also make sure that clients are not ripped off. With this in mind, we always look for a solution that is fair and benefits both sides!

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