The full-service model is a thing of the past, other formats are needed today

The “full service” myth which has been pushed since the 90s has struggled to keep pace with the requirements of today and tomorrow. No agency can be perfect at everything these days. And just like building a house, the architect does not need to lay the tiles themselves or be able to install the windows. But he needs to know the trades for his concept and adequately take them into account. Instead of a full-service agency, today as a client you need an agency that takes on the role of an architect and can see the bigger picture and take it into account for their concept. Instead of “full service”, we call this “full thinking”.

But what does an agency model that closely matches your company, the skills of your team and the future requirements look like?

We work with you to develop the right agency model for you and ensure that you can use and manage your agencies better, more successfully and more efficiently. If necessary, we also help you close skills gaps during the agency selection process or optimise cooperation with agencies during the implementation of results-oriented relationship management.

In recent years, we have developed a wide variety of customised agency models, restructuring existing agencies and finding agencies that were needed. We always look at the entire agency spectrum for clients and often turn an agency pool into a meaningful agency portfolio.

The spectrum of models ranges from a lead agency model to a so-called customized agency solution, which is very specifically tailored to the individual requirements of the client.

We not only develop models like these, we also take them through to implementation and evaluation. Because like the development of a racing car, a new agency model requires systematic evaluation, continuous development and adaptation until it wins the competition.

Customised support until it works

The agency model step by step

Generally speaking, the development of your new agency model requires just a few short steps, which we work together to develop:

1. We analyse your current situation, core tasks, future requirements and the agencies currently used.
2. Based on this, we analyse various alternative basic models and develop a viable vision.
3. We continue to develop this vision, compare it with the current situation and determine what kind of implementation it requires and what a realistic time frame looks like.

At all stages, the focus is on your individual requirements. Together we define your role and that of your current agencies, we identify white spots in relation to future communications challenges.

Possible services for your future agency model:
  • Analysis of the current agency situation, the agency model and the communicative challenges, e.g. in the form of workshops
  • Stakeholder interviews (in person or with a digital cherrypicker survey tool)
  • Strategic Consulting on the agency portfolio and the strategic use of agencies
  • Concept for better working models and sensible interface management
  • Support as part of the agency implementation and the onboarding process to set up the agency model
  • Systematic evaluation of collaboration with the use of cherrycare, a system for better collaboration

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Der perfekte Agenturauswahlprozess

The systematic agency selection process begins with answering the key question: “Which agency and which core team is best suited for my individual task?”
A systematic, careful and professional agency selection process increases the probability of success enormously.

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